How To Join

Portrait Of Women Working Together In Design Studio

How Do I Join?

Guests often accompany a friend, co-worker, or business acquaintance to a meeting or event, but sometimes the club receives referrals from former members, Soroptimists from other clubs, or the federation.

It is best to time your visit on a 4th Wednesday meeting at Peter B’s Restaurant in Monterey, because there is more time for socializing and less motion-making and paper-passing than the 2nd Monday Business Meeting. We meet at Peter B’s at 11:30 am, the 4th Wednesday of each month for lunch. They validate parking in the adjoining city garage. Better yet, help out at one of our events. Working along side people seems to be the best way to get to know them.

If you like what you see, express your interest in joining. The membership committee will provide some forms for you to fill out. Shortly thereafter you should receive an invitation to join.

Pay your dues, plus a one-time new member fee and you’re in. The club year begins July 1 and ends June 30 but a new member may join any time.