Thank you for your interest in our club and for your thought towards helping improve the lives of women and girls! There are many ways to get involved including volunteering opportunities, online advocacy, joining our online community, and partnering with our women’s organization. Locally we are a small, but dedicated group of women. Internationally, our membership numbers over 58,000 women!

In SICB, our main focus has been on helping educate single mothers or single caregivers of a dependent family member who are returning to school to improve their lives and the lives of their children by providing grant money.  Once a year we distribute Live Your Dream Awards, and the money our awardees receive allows them as single moms to pursue their dreams. We believe by assisting young women in their educational and training goals will also help serve as positive modeling for their children to continue with their education as well.

Club Membership
Find out more about our clubs and working with other women who believe in the power of joining together to accomplish great things in support of women and girls. For more information about joining a Soroptimist club, fill out an Introduction Form. Our club President (Go to Contact Us page) will respond and answer questions or inquiries.

Live Your Dream Online Community
Check out! This unique online community empowers offline action, helping women and girls to live their dreams. Everyone is invited and best of all it’s FREE and on your own terms. When you join the community, you choose your level of involvement and how you’d like to engage in or take action on a number of extraordinary Soroptimist programs.

ACT NOW: Online Advocacy
Take action on issues important to women and girls all over the world. In just a minute or two, you can make your voice heard with Live Your’s ACT NOW alerts.

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Your tax-deductible contribution helps women and girls to live their dreams and create better lives for themselves and their families. Help them make their dreams come true and make a donation now. If you wish to make a donation you can also use the Donate tab above to make a donation to Soroptimist International of the Americas.

Spread the Word
Help us raise awareness about Soroptimist and our volunteer opportunities and programs! Encourage friends and family to visit this website and learn more!

Become a Corporate Partner
A partnership with Soroptimist International of the Americas is an opportunity to empower women and girls everywhere to live their dreams. Soroptimist is supported by over 36,000 highly engaged female members hailing from 19 countries worldwide who are excited to join forces with organizations committed to the success of women across the world. Learn more.

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