How to Update Member Profile

How To Update Your SIA Member Profile
You will need your six-digit member number before proceeding.
(It appears in the current roster and on the label of Best For Women magazine.)

Follow these steps:
1. go to SIA web site
2. click on “Members Enter Here” (right side)
3. under “Quick Links” select “Update member profile”
4. read the instructions (if it’s your first visit), then click on “Click here”
5. enter your user name and password*
6. hit enter/return on your keyboard; or click “sign on” (upper right)

*if log-in fails read and follow instructions, or click “Reset my password”
After a password reset you may need to repeat steps 2-6.

Once you’ve reached your Member Profile page:
7. click “edit” (upper right) to advance to the update page
8. enter changes, corrections and updates (US residents: leave country blank)
9. click “submit” (lower right)

A confirmation message will appear.

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