5/2016: Sorop-T-Wear shows off the 2016 collection – Pasadena

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3/2016 Soroptimist International of Carmel Bay…another wonderful project well done!!! Easter cookies will be passed out at The Gathering today for our homeless women. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. We baked and decorated 70+ large cookies to help make them feel a little more special! Such a great feeling for us and we are so very happy to do this.

Easter Egg Cookies IMG_2655 Hoppy For The GatheringIMG_2669

12/2015″ SICB Holiday Party – Old Fisherman’s Grotto

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11/2015: Thanksgiving Distribution – The Gathering Place

Nov 15

10/2015: Halloween Distribution – The Gathering Place
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9/2016: September Distribution – The Gathering Place
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12/9/2014: SICB Holiday Party – Los Laureles Lodge
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SI Salinas PED Fundraiser.  Home made crafts were made by members and sold for the annual fundraiser.

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Our newest member to SICB – Melissa.   Were so happy to have her as part of our SICB family.  WELCOME!
Sorop-T-Wear by SICB  Wine and Cheese Party 8/9/2014 – Introducing our new line of Soroptimist rhinestone apparel.  Each sale supports SICB Live Your Dream Awards.
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July 2014
At SICB’s 2014-15 planning retreat in July, outgoing President Terri Brazinsky inducted our new President Lori Silver. We are excited to venture into the new year with Lori at the helm after two incredible years of Terri’s leadership!

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