When and Where We Meet

Meeting Day
The club generally meets on the 2nd Monday and 4th Wednesday of the month.

Our meeting location changes depending on several factors.
Always check the calendar to see the location of a particular meeting.

RSVP Policy
RSVP to club president Winnie Heh to confirm location and time of meeting in case of a change.


Business Meetings
The 2nd Monday is a potluck dinner meeting, location rotates among member homes, where the members take care of club business, plan future events and organize community service and fund raising activities. Parliamentary procedure is followed and the parliamentarian is present. The secretary takes minutes. The committees give reports when called. All members are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting because the club benefits from member input and a quorum is needed for voting.

Program Meetings
The 4th Wednesday of the month is a social lunch, to network and enjoy a guest speaker. Members and guests pay for their own meal; the club does not support guest meals unless the guest is also the guest speaker.

Board Meetings
The Officers and Directors meet briefly immediately prior to the Business Meeting. If the board requires more time, they call additional meeting(s) to complete board business.

Special Meetings
Occasionally a meeting will be called that is not on the 2nd Monday or 4th Wednesday at noon. Special meetings are in addition to Program and Business meetings. They are called only when a special need arises.

Annual Meeting
In August there is a planning retreat and annual meeting to set an event schedule for the year.



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